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​Walsh's Fine Woodworking offers a wide variety of woodworking services from which you can choose. The follow is a list of our specialties as professional carpenters in Boston, MA

Kitchen Cabinets
One of the best ways to upgrade your current kitchen is to have custom cabinets made. Many homes have cheap, factory-built cabinets. With the custom-made cabinets, you can radically change your kitchen's appearance for the better.

Doors and Windows
One of the first features someone notices about your house from the road is its doors and windows. Imagine how beautiful your home would look with an intricately carved wooden front door.

Trim is a small detail that can either make or break how a room looks. We can do both exterior and interior wooden trim work. 

Crown Molding and Base Boards
Like trim, crown molding and base boards are an often overlooked design detail by homeowners. However, for the best possible looking home, professional crown molding and base boards are needed. 

Stair Building
If you have always wanted an elegant-looking staircase, we can build one for you. 

Wall Paneling
Instead of having a wallpapered or painted wall, you could have a beautiful wall with wooden panels.

Ceiling Wood Work
You do not have to settle for standard spackled ceilings. Wooden ceilings create a unique atmosphere.

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baseboard crown molding
Finished home with case opening, trim, crown molding and baseboard
Install cherry cabinet office
Crown molding and beams on the ceiling. 
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